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Dragon’s Breath Is the Hottest Way to Cool Down This Summer

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Carbon dioxide (as dry ice) used to be the gold standard for creating a smoky effect, but using liquid nitrogen for novelty food and beverages has been a more popular practice in recent years. When prepared properly and handled responsibly, it’s also a fun way to enhance your frozen treats. You’ve probably heard of using liquid nitrogen for ice cream (the most famous being Dippin’ Dots), but in an effort to push the envelope, Dragon’s Breath has quickly become the latest and greatest cool concoction.



What Is It?

This frozen dessert is typically made of liquid nitrogen-dipped cereal, but it can also be made with other light, airy snacks, such as marshmallows, wafers, or popcorn. When eaten, it releases a thick fog that is exhaled from your mouth and nose. The effect makes the consumer look like a fire-breathing dragon, exhaling smoke. This reaction is caused by the cold food mixing with warm water vapor from the mouth. The water condenses into a vast number of tiny droplets of liquid water and ice that you can see in the air like a cloud or fog. Nitrogen is tasteless and non-toxic, so the snack will retain its original flavor. Though it’s most known as Dragon’s Breath, the treat has many names, including nitro puffs, nitro snacks, nitro pop, nitro balls, dragon nitro puff, dragon puffs, dragon balls, dragon smoke, and snowballs.



Where Did It Start?

Dragon’s Breath was invented by José Andrés in 2008 and was served at his LA restaurant until 2009. Over the next few years, it spread throughout Taiwan, Korea, and the Philippines. It only gained mainstream popularity after it was served at ice cream shops in CA, about ten years after it was invented.


Where Can I Find It?

Today, many places serve this treat and its many variations. You can find them at certain restaurants, malls, state fairs, zoos, and amusement parks. There is likely a dessert shop near you that has incorporated liquid nitrogen into their menu. Though it’s becoming more commonplace, safety should be of the utmost importance. Liquid nitrogen reaches extremely cold temperatures, around -320 degrees Fahrenheit. Vendors should ensure they follow all required protocols and parents should carefully supervise children.



Liquid Nitrogen in the Rocky Mountain Region

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