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Bulk Tanks Benefit Growing Businesses

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Why Move to a Bulk Tank?

As bulk gas systems can benefit small, mid-size, and large companies, understanding usage is key to deciding if it’s time to purchase bulk tanks and which vessels are best for you. On-site bulk tanks may be the most efficient and economical option if your company is using more than one liquid cylinder per week, as they provide a higher storage capacity. They are located outside, freeing up interior floor space, and don’t require client maintenance. We are alerted when your tank is low through installed telemetry monitoring systems. You receive consistent deliveries and there is no downtime. Purchasing bulk tanks can also significantly reduce delivery fees and costs related to cylinder handling.


Determining Gas Usage

If you need assistance, our cryogenics teams are here to help! Cryogenic liquids are a use-it-or-lose-it product. Once filled, cylinders warm and build pressure, and if not used, pressure is released and gas flows out of the vent. Once less than 20% of the cryogenic liquid remains, the cylinder flow quickly decreases and is no longer functional. We conduct a thorough evaluation of usage levels and recommend the best sizing. Recently, we worked with a hospital to expand and add hyperbaric chambers. Hyperbaric chambers draw large volumes of gas when in use and their current system was already overloaded. Our cryogenics team evaluated the client’s current usage as well as anticipated requirements for the future. After evaluation, we found a desirable, long-term solution for the client.

We offer OxygenArgonNitrogen, and Carbon Dioxide in liquid form in various bulk sizes and customizable options. Cryogenic bulk tanks are installed on-site and can be extremely large, ranging from 525 to 15,000 gallons. They are sized based on monthly usage and are built with the thermal efficiency to maintain liquid for 3 to 4 weeks before refill. Rocky Mountain Air comes to your location and fills the tank, as needed. We’re alerted by our telemetry system that your bulk tank needs to be refilled. Our goal is to customize the perfect-sized tank for your business. It’s important to consistently extract product from the tank to reduce the amount of product lost from warming and the built-in tank pressure release. Our experts have the knowledge to size a bulk tank large enough to extract the amount of product you need, while counteracting pressure and heat rise, and preventing significant gas losses.


Bulk Gas Availability in The Rocky Mountain Region

Our cryogenic services include the transportation of liquid gases, bulk tank installation, rehab and repair, and system maintenance. We promise flawless dependability, which starts with selling you a system and product you can trust to meet your needs. Of course, there are certain applications where a bulk tank is not feasible. Our product experts can evaluate your situation and advise if it’s time to make the switch from liquid cylinders to an on-site bulk tank and calculate the appropriate sizing prior to installation. Rocky Mountain Air ensures our technicians are certified in gas installation, maintenance, repairs, and other welding processes, so you can have confidence in knowing our work is quality and will meet all existing regulations. Contact your local branch today to set up an evaluation and learn how to optimize your gas usage, decrease deliveries, and increase efficiency.

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