Specialty Gases

In addition to elemental gases, Rocky Mountain Air Solutions ® manufactures and delivers PurityPlus™ specialty gases. A specialty gas is a blend of any two or more gases prepared by a lab technician in concordance with a customer’s recommendation. In 2016, Rocky Mountain Air installed a state-of-the-art specialty gas lab in our Salt Lake City production facility. We are a certified PurityPlus™ provider with trained personnel to meet your sophisticated gas requirements. These gas blends require mixing based on specific calibration standards, lab analysis, and certification of the precise composition of contents. Certification includes testing of analysis, compliance, and conformance by a certified lab technician. Specialty gases are manufactured in small quantities for a variety of industries — welding, food packaging, laser applications, university lab testing, and more. Our stringent operational procedures establish the high quality our customers expect, regardless of industry.

Each lab technician must ask questions upon blending and analyzing specialty gas mixtures, such as:

  • What are the blend tolerances?
  • What are the component gases?
  • What is the mixture composition?
  • What is the mixture grade?
  • Which type of cylinder does the specialty gas need to be packaged in?
  • Are there any impurities?
  • Does this cylinder require special certification based on the industry using it?
  • What is the analytical accuracy of the mixture?
  • Are the gases reactive, inert, toxic, oxidizing, flammable, or corrosive?

A few examples of the primary applications we provide specialty gas blending for include:

Medical: We provide the full spectrum of medical gases needed, including therapy gas, diagnostic gas, anesthetics, laser mixes, lung infusion mixes, and breathing air mixes.

Welding and Cutting: We provide all the mixtures needed to ensure the protection of the weld whether it is flux core arc, metal arc, tungsten arc, or plasma arc welding. We also have both oxy-fuel gases and plasma arc gases for your cutting applications.

Food and Beverage Preparation: We provide a complete line of Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP) for the preservation of fresh produce. We can provide the gas needed for sparging and brewing applications as well as for blanketing and purging after packaging for protection against oxidation.

Our partnership with PurityPlus™ certifies that we are selling the highest-grade product, and that these products will be delivered whenever you need them. This partnership aligns directly with RMA’s promise to deliver flawless dependability to each of our customers. Contact your local branch today in Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, or Nebraska to discuss your gas uses, or to set up a usage evaluation. We look forward to serving you.


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Specialty gases available for a variety of industries and uses

Primary Applications

Medical, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology
EPA Protocol Gases

Rocky Mountain Air Solutions ® provides mixtures for laser and incubation systems. We deliver anesthetic gases to medical facilities and can also help with the design, testing, and repair of on-site storage and manufacturing systems. Whatever your scientific application requirements may be, we’ll ensure that we meet GMD/QSR requirements.

To achieve accurate measurements, emissions testing of any kind requires an ultra-high purity calibration gas to calibrate instruments used for testing. Calibration gases are mixed with zero gases, which are pure gases that do not contain the gas being measured. The zero gas – made up of gases like synthetic air, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, and helium – calibrates instruments used to monitor emissions by setting the zero point. Calibration mixtures require ultra-high-purity certification to give the precise measurement required by the EPA.

Laboratory-grade gas mixtures are used in research, development, and instrument calibration. Rocky Mountain Air Solutions ® offers high purity gases such as argon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and helium for a range of analytical applications. Gas impurities can significantly compromise the accuracy of your analysis and cause issues with analytical equipment. RMA provides certified high purity gases. Our team of experts will advise on the right gas for your application and ensure the best supply option to meet your specific requirements.