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What Flawless Dependability Means for Industrial, Medical and Specialty Gases

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As US Welding has made the transition to Rocky Mountain Air Solutions, you have probably seen the recurring term “flawless dependability.” But what does it actually mean? What does this key value look like in the atmospheric gas industry?

Well, we believe that actions speak louder than words, and flawless dependability is something that we intend to practice every day and through every customer interaction. In short, our definition is this: to dazzle customers with perfect execution that makes the customer experience efficient, accurate and stress free. Our service is not simply about making a sale, but creating a trustworthy relationship with each and every customer that will lead to years of partnership. We are promising to be available when you need us.

Our products of medical, industrial, specialty, compressed and cryogenic gases may not be glamorous, but they are essential to the function of many businesses; businesses that the public cannot live without. A shortage or a poor-quality supply of essential gases used for hospitals, manufacturing sites, beverage carbonation, horticulture growth, specimen preservation or food preservation would be detrimental to your business and to the public. Prevention of these worst-case scenarios is the priority – it’s why we do what we do.

For example, there are many air separation plants located near the Gulf of Mexico that feed the refineries in the area. When hurricanes like Hurricane Harvey occur, production can completely come to a halt. Argon, a byproduct of air separation, is already a relatively scarce resource, and the loss of this resource is problematic. During Hurricane Harvey, AirGas (now owned by Air Liquide) sent out letters to their customers, cautioning them that they would only have 20% of their normal argon supply. If the customer required more for their business, they would have to find it elsewhere. Because of this, we got an influx of calls searching for alternative argon suppliers, and we were able to help tide these customers over in the midst of this emergency.

We are the backstage crew, invisible, but ensuring that the show runs smoothly. We will get you exactly the gas you need, when you need it. With timely deliveries and correct, readable invoices, we anticipate the needs of each customer so that you will not run out of any vital supplies. Our company President recently took on the assignment of revising the final cylinder rental invoices and statements in a way that would be easily reconciled by the customer. This is just one example of our perfection of process. Our goal is always to make our customer’s life easier. It is always at the forefront of every thought process we have about how we conduct our business, which is why we seek out talented individuals who live out the philosophy of flawless dependability.

A few weeks ago, we answered a call of a liquid nitrogen ice cream shop in the mountains in desperate need of more liquid nitrogen. That Saturday evening at 6 p.m. they left a message on our emergency phone number that their supply was about to run dry. Our Denver branch manager responded with urgency, driving from his home 45 minutes north of our branch to the office to fill a liquid nitrogen cylinder. He then traveled another hour and a half to reach the customer, restocked their supply by 10 p.m. and arrived back at his home sometime after midnight. Emergency averted.

Similarly, a major beer manufacturer in the Denver area had a carbon dioxide plant in Cheyenne that was inconveniently forced to shut down for maintenance. They asked if we could provide bulk carbon dioxide every other day. We were able to accommodate their specific needs until the plant was up and running again.

Our mission is critical to your business. We don’t represent a large portion of your budget, giving you the benefit of saving time, money and loads of stress. Not to mention, there will always be another person on our end of the phone to assist with any of your needs. Serving our customers in the Rocky Mountain region with consistency, accuracy and urgency is how we choose to operate each partnership.

Mistakes are inevitable, of course, but we strive to be error free. We strive to be better, faster and different. We plan ahead for emergencies and are always on top of resolving any mistakes. Whether it is oxygen for a hospital, nitrogen for an oil well, or recharging and testing fire extinguishers, we guarantee to have the products available and, more importantly, the expertise and commitment to deliver flawless dependability, which is always our promise to you. We won’t settle for anything less.

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