Dry Ice

Dry Ice is simply Carbon Dioxide in its solid form. This clear product leaves no residue behind which offers a distinct advantage during the preservation process. It is used as a safe method of preserving frozen food and preserving biological samples.

Applications of dry ice are extraordinarily varied. Some examples of dry ice usage are: protecting ice sculptures from melting; making ice cream; solidifying oil spills; preventing insect infestations in grains and farm products; industrial blasting; and use in plumbing as a frozen plug for pipe repair.


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Solid Carbon Dioxide available for a variety of uses

Primary Applications

Food Storage
Plumbing and Industrial Pipework

Dry Ice is frequently used when transporting frozen items to retain low temperatures over an extended period of time when no other refrigerants are feasible.

Dry Ice can preserve biological samples and help store cells that would otherwise expire and decay at normal temperatures.

When placed around pipe sections, Dry Ice can freeze the liquid in lines ahead of breaks, facilitating what would otherwise be difficult repairs.