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Coffee Evolution: Infusing Cold Brew Coffee With Nitrogen

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Cold coffee has been evolving, from iced coffee to cold brew, now to the nitrogen infused nitro cold brew. The nitro cold brew trend has been gradually gaining popularity since its debut in 2011 at Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Oregon. Now monopolized by Starbucks, thousands of chains and independent craft coffee shops across the United States offer this specialty drink.

Nitro cold brew is the scientific enhancement of cold brew coffee, which is a simple method that involves steeping ground coffee beans in water for 12 to 24 hours, straining it through a filter and chilling before serving. Nitro coffee follows these same steps but adds a special ingredient – nitrogen – for a surprisingly rich, creamy effect. Around 80 psi of nitrogen is added to the steeped coffee and pressurized for another 24 hours before connecting the keg to the draft. A high-pressure valve with tiny holes then infuses tiny bubbles of nitrogen into the liquid. By pressurizing the mixture with nitrogen, the drink becomes less acidic than standard cold brew.

The gas itself does not affect the taste – as nitrogen is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas – but slightly alters the consistency, pulling syrupy sweet notes out of bitter black coffee. For this reason, fans of black coffee will love this rendition, and people who do not typically enjoy their coffee straight from the pot may enjoy it too. It has the texture and sweetness of a latte or milk coffee without the added calories. With less water, it also packs more of a caffeine punch. Some even consider it a great pre-workout pick-me-up.

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Cool Off With Nitro Cold Brew

Nitro cold brew is a profitable drink for those hot summer months, and best of all, it takes stress off of busy baristas. With the convenience of being on tap, all the barista has to do is grab a glass and pull a lever to serve up an order of delicious coffee. Then, customers can watch in awe as the coffee settles and a cascade of gradient caramels and ambers fall down the side of the glass.

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Nitrogen preserves anything from cannabis to packaged foods, so even in the off seasons where nitro cold brew may not be as popular, the coffee is preserved and will still taste fresh for up to a couple weeks. Also an economical and environmentally friendly option, it does not take up fridge space with bulky bottles and delivery drivers won’t be bringing crates upon crates of product to the backdoor of your business during peak hours.

Experimenting With Nitro Drinks

What do beer and coffee have in common? Well, nitro cold brew is dispensed off the tap, has the appearance of Guinness, and forms a nice, foamy top. Nitro beers are also praised for their mouthfeel, which is smoother than a more traditional carbon dioxide infused beer. This sensation happens because nitrogen produces much smaller bubbles.

Dark beers like porters and stouts often have coffee notes in them, so it comes as no surprise that many breweries and cafes have been experimenting with nitro cold brew as an ingredient in beers. Some are also looking into effervescent nitro lemonade, tea and kombucha.

Put Nitro Cold Brew on the Menu

Interested in adding nitro cold brew to the menu? Rocky Mountain Air specializes in creating customized solutions for those we partner with, including the beverage industry. We have an expert team in place that can evaluate the needs and usage of your business to determine the best option for your atmospheric gas applications. We offer cylinder rentals and delivery services of gaseous nitrogen for making nitro cold brew. Because we pride ourselves on delivery flawless dependability, we are even available in case there is an emergency shortage at your business.

Contact your local branch today in any one of our five states (Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Nebraska) or surrounding areas to take your craft coffee shop to the next level. We look forward to serving you.

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