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Medical Oxygen Solutions for Veterinary Practices

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Veterinarians require a steady supply of oxygen to keep their practices running. There are several questions that veterinary practices must consider when choosing a reliable option such as oxygen cylinders, liquid bulk tanks, a piping system, or an oxygen concentrator.

Each of these solutions has its perks, but bulk tanks with coinciding pipelines at least assure peace of mind through supervision by the gas supplier so that the oxygen supply will not fail for furry patients. If your practice is running through more than one liquid cylinder of oxygen per week, it may be time to consider a more efficient and economical option: an on-site bulk tank.


Bulk Liquid Oxygen Solutions

To cater to the surplus of oxygen administration methods (intubation, nasal, cages, hoods, masks, etc.) there must be a surplus of oxygen available at veterinary offices. Oxygen serves vital purposes such as preparation for anesthesia, post-surgery, treatment for pulmonary diseases, and more.

Though wonderful for backup needs, compressed cylinders take up significant storage space. Liquid oxygen can store up to 100 times more product when the gas is in liquid form. Outdoor storage of insulated tanks with liquid oxygen maintains temperatures of -297 degrees Fahrenheit. Oxygen for veterinary use is always at 99.5% purity, which is the same quality used in medical hospitals for humans.

But how does the oxygen from a bulk tank reach its destination inside the practice? Pipeline systems may be installed to run from the tank into the building, delivering the gas to the administration machine.

At Rocky Mountain Air, our sophisticated telemetry process allows us to record and monitor the liquid levels of bulk tanks remotely and deploy trucks to refill them accordingly, reducing the attention your team needs to spend monitoring the tanks. This technology also cuts down the number of costly deliveries to ideally once per month, with some variance depending on your business’s product usage habits. Additionally, there is no supplier-customer interaction necessary. You will reduce the risk of running out as our delivery drivers will perform all the work for you.


Bulk Oxygen Suppliers for Vets

Rocky Mountain Air is a supplier of medical-grade gases in the Rocky Mountain region and surrounding states of Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and Nebraska. With experience in serving these specific applications, we are prepared to evaluate your medical-grade gas usage no matter the scale of your veterinary medical clinic. For small veterinary clinics, high pressure tanks may work best for your operation, while bulk tanks may be preferable for rehabilitation clinics and emergency veterinary hospitals. Our customer service team can assist you in evaluating your usage and designing the most efficient delivery plan for your needs.

Contact your local RMA location today in any one of our five states to learn how we can supply you with the best medical-grade gases for your Veterinary practice. We look forward to serving you.

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