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Using Liquid Nitrogen in Oil and Gas Recovery

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There are numerous critical components in the process of oil and gas recovery. But without a ready supply of liquid nitrogen, the process grinds to a halt. It’s a must have and when you need it, you need it—now. With our focus on delivering flawless dependability, more and more companies are trusting Rocky Mountain Air to be their nitrogen supplier. Our commitment to flexibility and availability simply set us apart in the industry.

Availability: Emergencies don’t punch out at 5 p.m. That’s why we’re available via our on-call delivery system—even if it’s at 2 a.m. And when you do call, you’ll be dealing directly with one of our professionals rather than a 1-800 call desk. You’ll talk to people in the actual branch that speak the language and who know our nitrogen availabilities and capabilities to the minute. When time is of the essence, we ensure you don’t waste a single second.

Flexibility: We pride ourselves on being much more flexible with our deliveries than the competition. Here’s a perfect example: We sell nitrogen for the coil tubing industry that supports the secondary and tertiary recovery of oil and gas critical to our nation’s industry independence. When a well has issues, the urgency trickles down to us because we can offer same day tanker delivery. We can even deliver to a well head or the edge of a property, depending on the site’s logistics. We love being a reliable partner that’s capable of bailing customers out of their toughest situations. Our flexibility is especially valuable in an industry where everything regularly changes hour to hour.

Bulk Gas Storage Locations: Our offices are strategically located in the heart of the well service industry. We have the ability to perform massive bulk nitrogen storage at the following stores: Casper, Rock Springs, Greeley, Grand Junction, and Price.

Equipment for Rent and Transport: We transport most all of our own well service nitrogen and have equipment available to rent. We have a fleet of 10 nitrogen transports and two queens available, providing you with mobile bulk tank options for your nitrogen tanks. In addition to queen rentals, we offer even longer-term storage options. You can rent/lease bulk tanks for longer periods of time and have them installed in your yards. We can monitor their levels through the use of telemetry and have sophisticated equipment to minimize product loss and expedite fills.    

Pricing: With our very competitive pricing and exceptional service, Rocky Mountain Air delivers incredible value to our customers.

With all we have to offer the oil and gas recovery industry, we’re not stopping there. We’re growing to even better service the industry, including putting in larger nitrogen tanks for more capacity. Because we’re not content if we’re not able to serve our customers to the best of our ability, we’re constantly improving to become an even better player in the industry.

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