Image for We Partnered with Lockstep® Receivables to Provide Flawless Dependa(bill)ity

We Partnered with Lockstep® Receivables to Provide Flawless Dependa(bill)ity

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At Rocky Mountain Air Solutions (RMA), we are more than your vendor; we are your partner in business, and we closely focus on your customer experience. Our customer surveys are part of our evaluation process, and we appreciate the feedback from all who participated. One popular survey request was for an online payment option, and we took action!

We are pleased to announce the addition of Lockstep® Receivables. Lockstep® Receivables is an award-winning accounts receivable software that will provide you with access to your account information 24/7 and allow our AR (accounts receivable) team to better serve you.


Online Account Features

Your new online account provides self-service access to a variety of features. With this system you can:

  • • Easily make payments, set-up autopay, or submit a promise-to-pay
  • • View payment history
  • • View, download and print your invoices and related documents
  • • Submit transaction related disputes
  • • Communicate directly with our team
  • • Access insights for your account


Getting Started

The first step is to make sure your account information is accurate. Please provide us with your preferred contact email address to ensure timely receipt of all account-related communications. Please also add our email address to your trusted/safe sender list to avoid missing important messages, such as payment due dates.  Click here to watch an introductory video of the self-service portal.


We Value Our Customers

We are confident this new payment system will provide the convenience you need and the level of quality you deserve. Should you have questions regarding your account, please call Accounts Receivable at (303)-777-2475. We value your business and are very excited to provide you with more options and flexibility. We look forward to continuing our partnership in your success and serving you with flawless dependability. Thank you for your confidence and trust in Rocky Mountain Air!

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