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Rocky Mountain Air Solutions (RMA) is a dynamic and independent distributor of industrial, medical, specialty, compressed and cryogenic gases in the Rocky Mountain Region. Our heritage is about more than being the leading supplier of atmospheric gases. It’s about creating an experience of flawless dependability for our customers. We always have the gases you need — when you need them.



Starting with the first greenhouses, gases have been used to augment the growth and extend the storage life for many types of plants. As food technology has advanced in the 20th century, the understanding of exactly how gases work to assist in plant yield and preservation contributes to advancements in production and storage. Increasing levels of carbon dioxide in controlled areas can increase growth rates of vegetation including fruits, vegetables, and cannabis by 10 to 25 percent. Usually accompanied by additional moisture, the cultivation of vegetation accelerates by circulating more parts per million (ppm) of CO2 into these environments through implementing ventilation systems.

The gas is also used in the ripening process. With produce often harvested long before it is ready to be eaten, carbon dioxide and ethylene in high concentrations are used to quicken the natural ripening process. By hastening the process in controlled ripening rooms, producers can get their products in the hands of consumers in a timely and economical manner. Rocky Mountain Air serves varied cultivation needs across our five-state geography by providing the gases needed, including carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and ethylene. We are proud of our contributions to the food supply and economic health of the region.



Hydrogen has the potential to play a significant role in the transition to clean energy. It’s abundant, efficient, and unlike other alternatives, it’s considered a renewable resource and produces no emissions. Many countries, including the U.S., have invested to transition power plants from running on traditional fuel sources to using hydrogen fuel cells.

Argon plays a very important role as a purge gas in the production of solar panels. High purity argon is critical to create more efficient solar cells. It’s much more cost effective to begin the process with a high purity gas that will maintain purity throughout the recycling and recovery process.

Nitrogen, particularly liquid nitrogen, is the ideal inert gas for repressurizing oil wells. In addition to increased productivity and extraction, oil recovery with nitrogen has no corrosive effect, compared to carbon dioxide. Nitrogen can be used in place of both salt and freshwater injection.

The energy industry plays a large part in the development and growth of our five-state area. Rocky Mountain Air partners with that expansion by providing cylinder gases on demand and assisting with the development of on-site gas production systems. Our experts can inspect your existing gas equipment and consult on upgrades, maintenance, and design. Wherever you need us, whatever the complexity or urgency of the job, we commit to working with you so that your business runs smoothly.


Food and Beverage

Carbon dioxide is the dominating gas of the beverage industry, creating effervescent beverages and slowing fermentation in winemaking and beer brewing. On the food application side, when accompanied by nitrogen, carbon dioxide is used to preserve and transport food while preventing oxidation, which causes unhealthy compounds and unpleasant tastes and odors. Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP) blends carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen to preserve fresh produce and meat.  Nitrogen also improves freezing and refrigeration techniques, and dry ice (frozen CO2) prevents insect infestation in grains and farm products.

Rocky Mountain Air strives for flawless execution when providing food and beverage grade gases for your establishment or processing facility. We work beside you so that you always have what you need when you need it. Gases and related equipment for food preservation and refrigeration are available for delivery. RMA serves manufacturing and packaging facilities, breweries, bottlers, and restaurants. We get the products to you quickly, so that you can keep the production lines moving and the beverages flowing.



Acetylene has a low moisture content, making it ideal for various welding and heating applications, such as gouging, hardening, bending, straightening, brazing, cutting, cleaning and more. Acetylene and oxygen combined create a neutral flame for welding that neither oxidizes nor carburizes. As the hottest burning flame in oxyfuel welding, acetylene is one of the most efficient gases to use. It improves cut quality, increases cutting speed and reduces oxygen, thus preventing metals from rusting.

For over 90 years, Rocky Mountain Air has served the industrial gas community by providing welding gases and supplies to customers who need a reliable, responsive partner. In addition to acetylene manufacturing, we offer multiple arc welding gases, oxyfuel, and plasma arc cutting gases. We can also outfit your crew with protective safety gear, industrial accessories, and hardware, including torches, tips, valves, regulators, and much more. Let us know how we can help you!



In respiratory therapies, medical grade oxygen restores tissues, preventing possible lung damage. The pandemic caused an influx in the demand of oxygen for ventilators. Hospitals typically utilize two types of medical oxygen applications: liquid bulk tanks and high-pressure gas cylinders. Bulk tanks are on-site structures, with levels monitored by a sophisticated telemetry system that sends alerts to a supplier when a refill is needed. This system allows drivers to be dispatched before the supply dips below a safe level.

Rocky Mountain Air understands that our medical gas products and services are essential to your patients’ health. To best serve your business, we transport a range of gases to you for medical and laboratory use. Our staff of experts will provide guidance on the design and installation of liquid oxygen storage systems. You demand precision, and we will deliver.


Specialty Gases

In addition to elemental gases, Rocky Mountain Air manufactures and delivers PurityPlus™ specialty gases. A specialty gas is a blend of any two or more gases prepared by a lab technician in concordance with a customer’s recommendation. These gas blends require mixing based on specific calibration standards, lab analysis, and certification of the precise composition of contents. Certification includes testing of analysis, compliance, and conformance by a certified lab technician. Specialty gases are manufactured in small quantities for a variety of industries ­– welding, food packaging, laser applications, university lab testing, and more. Our stringent operational procedures establish the high quality our customers expect, regardless of industry.

A few examples of the primary applications we provide specialty gas blending for include:

Medical: We provide the full spectrum of medical gases needed, including therapy gas, diagnostic gas, anesthetics, laser mixes, lung infusion mixes, and breathing air mixes.

Welding and Cutting: We provide all the mixtures needed to ensure the protection of the weld whether it is flux core arc, metal arc, tungsten arc, or plasma arc welding. We also have both oxy-fuel gases and plasma arc gases for your cutting applications.

Food and Beverage Preparation: We provide a complete line of Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP) for the preservation of fresh produce. We can provide the gas needed for sparging and brewing applications as well as for blanketing and purging after packaging for protection against oxidation.


Industrial Gas in the Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountain Air offers liquid or compressed gases in various concentrations and purities. We offer bulk options for our partners and include equipment rental such as tanks and trailers. We make it easy for our customers to make cylinder exchanges and will schedule refills on-site for any bulk applications. Contact your local branch today in Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, or Nebraska to discuss your gas uses, or to set up a usage evaluation. We look forward to serving you with flawless dependability!

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