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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Enrichment for the Cannabis Industry

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Rocky Mountain Air Solutions is not a professional medical business and makes no claims to suggest medical treatments using cannabis-products.

One of the greatest markets for carbon dioxide in the United States lies in the cannabis industry. As more states legalize cannabis, opportunities for business within the atmospheric gas sector are increasing. There is a high demand for carbon dioxide to produce greater and faster crop yields. The industry is not only growing for large cannabis producers, but small businesses within its operating states.


Greater Carbon Dioxide Produces Greater Yields

How does carbon dioxide enrichment play such a significant role in cultivation industries? Circulating more parts per million (ppm) of carbon dioxide into manmade environments through ventilation systems is a way to naturally manipulate nature’s cycle of photosynthesis. Streaming supplementary CO2 into cannabis grow rooms and greenhouse operations accelerates yields by 10-25%, resulting in more harvests per year and a greater profit. Leaves can grow 30% larger in size with increased CO2 intake, which will compensate the need for greater water, light, and nutrients. This process decreases the possibility and frequency of dry periods, creating mass production of healthy, thriving cannabis plants for the variety of medicinal purposes it serves.

Gaseous CO2 can be lethal in large doses, however, so it is vital to the health of workers to maintain appropriate levels and install ventilation systems to filter the gas out of the room at times. Between 1200 and 2000 ppm is best recipe for healthy plants and is safe for workers. Anything greater than 3000 ppm of exposure can result in death. Self-regulating machines should be checked frequently throughout the day to ensure the public health of workers is maintained. This is a legal FDA requirement for growers.

There are two methods of carbon dioxide enrichment called Compressed Liquid CO2 and Combustion of Propane and Natural Gases. Compressed Liquid CO2 enrichment utilizes smaller cylinders of cryogenic CO2 and is coupled with a vaporizer to emit the gas directly over the plants. Combustion of Propane and Natural Gases is a method for larger greenhouses and grow rooms. Burning propane and natural gas produces CO2, heat, and water, as a byproduct of combustion. This method can be used to lower heating bills but requires diligent monitoring to ensure carbon monoxide levels are kept at bay. Therefore, purchasing from reputable carbon dioxide distributors that offer high purity gases is non-negotiable.

All this talk of yielding and careful scientific precision is for the sake of the goods and services that cannabis provides in the realm of health and beauty.


Cannabis Products Benefiting from CO2 Enrichment

Patches, oils, lotions, teas, candies, capsules, and calming ointments provide relief for chronic pains and ailments. CBD oil has been an ingredient that has yielded extensive usage in the beauty industry, seen in nourishing hair oils and face masks for its calming and moisturizing properties.

CBD oil for anxiety is popular among both humans and domestic pets, particularly with the onset of old age, at minimum alleviating the symptoms of nervousness and worry. Many scientific case studies have seen demonstrable results in those who struggle with panic disorders, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress, and even social anxiety, but others have also found that adverse effects often occur as well. Even animals benefit from CBD, with treats and oils to calm them and provide mild relief for aging pets.

The uses of cannabis across a myriad of industries have become a cultural trend, and atmospheric gas industries have been working to provide the high purity carbon dioxide needed to grow high quality plants to meet the demand, and to produce safer products free from contaminants.


CO2 Distributors for Cannabis in Colorado and Utah

At Rocky Mountain Air, we offer cryogenic liquid gas tanks and high-pressure cylinders of carbon dioxide for a variety of industries from food and beverage to agriculture. As a leading atmospheric gas distributor in the Rocky Mountain region, we can partner with the cannabis industries in Colorado and Utah. We have the capabilities to serve greenhouses and grow rooms across these two states to accelerate cannabis growth, resulting in more yields per year, less dry periods, and the harvest of larger leaves.

At RMA we believe in providing our partners with flawless dependability, and our team is here to help you find solutions for your business. We can work with you to evaluate your usage and implement a delivery system that will be the most economical for your business, whether you need high-pressure cylinders for a small grow room, or a liquid CO2 tank for a larger greenhouse application.

Contact your local branch today to speak with a representative. We look forward to serving you.

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