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Look to Rocky Mountain Air Solutions ® as Your PurityPlus Specialty Gas Provider

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According to PurityPlus, the brand is “a nationwide partnership of select independent specialty gas companies, unified under one brand, that guarantees certified-quality product and unparalleled local service.”

Rocky Mountain Air Solutions ® is your local PurityPlus specialty gas provider in the Rocky Mountain Region. Rocky Mountain Air Solutions ® has locations in Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Nebraska and surrounding areas, but we can ship to many other areas in the western part of the nation. In fact, RMA is the only PurityPlus provider in each of these states (with the exception of Wyoming). This partnership provides the perfect mixture of any certified specialty gas your business may need, along with local customer service, on-time delivery, customizable solutions and better yet – peace of mind.


Industrial gases taken to the next level.

For those unfamiliar with PurityPlus specialty gases, they are gas mixtures that contain individual components. Standard PurityPlus gases may contain 3-4 gases and more complex mixtures contain 30 or more. PurityPlus gases are industrial gases taken to the next level. Specialty gases serve a number of industries, including: food and beverage, oil and gas, electronics, welding, medical, pharmaceutical, chemical manufacturing and more.

PurityPlus specialty gases ensure that there are no contaminates or undesirable characteristics in any of the gases you purchase. Contaminants of unwanted gases or foreign elements have the ability to destroy equipment or create poor quality products, especially when it comes to scientific laboratories, hospitals and food and beverage applications. For example, when Carbon Dioxide specialty gas mixtures are used in food and beverage applications, it is important that impurities such as acetaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, methanol, sulfur, total hydrocarbon content and vinyl chloride are removed. These impurities can cause off-flavors and odors, resulting in a poor-quality product.


Certified to ensure the highest accuracy mixture possible.

At PurityPlus certified labs, such as RMA’s Salt Lake City, Utah fill plant, high quality gases are guaranteed. Each cylinder is mixed, tested for levels of impurities and certified to ensure the highest accuracy mixture possible. This process includes various methods of blending, types of lab analysis, a referenced standard used during preparation and an estimated expiration date. Shelf life for specialty gases can be anywhere from 6 months to more than 2 years depending on the specified tolerances that components in the mixture are able to remain at the certified concentration.

rma salt lake city

Specialty gas impurities are analyzed with advanced equipment, the most common being gas chromatographs, which is an electronic technology. We employ various testing applications needed for analysis to insure specific unacceptable impurities are not contained in the specialty gas product. Gas chromatographs are a versatile tool that can detect impurities over a broad range of gas concentrations. They are fitted with detector technologies: thermal conductivity detectors (TCD), photoionization detectors (PID), pulse discharge detectors (PDD), flame ionization detectors (FID) and high sensitivity photoionization detectors (HS-PID).

Because specialty gases are usually not used in large quantities like industrial gases, they are supplied in high-pressure cylinders, from lecture bottles to 300 cubic size cylinders. Typically, specialty gas cylinders are rented and refilled at the gas supplier’s location. The PurityPlus brand is not limited to specialty gases and cylinders, but also offers regulators, gas controls, valves and expert consultation. All PurityPlus providers attend annual conferences and training seminars to enhance and update their expertise on the market with the latest best practices and technology changes. Quality standards at each plant are also enforced, ensuring that each local provider understands and follows the standards appropriately.

At Rocky Mountain Air Solutions ®, we are proud to be a PurityPlus provider. Our Salt Lake City fill plant and their capabilities are featured in CryoVation’s “2017 Fill Plant Highlights” below.

PurityPlus partnerships certify that we are selling the highest grade product, and that products will be delivered whenever you need them. This partnership aligns directly with Rocky Mountain Air Solution’s ® promise to deliver flawless dependability to our customers. Contact your local branch to learn more about PurityPlus specialty gases, or to order a certified mixture today. We look forward to serving you.

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