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Nitrogen Infusion Expanding in the Beverage Industry

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In 2017, cold brew and nitro brew coffee sales bubbled up 80 percent, according to Sales Logic, and now have made residencies in taprooms and craft coffee shops. Chains like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts have embraced the millennial-fronted trend to bring nitrogenized caffeine to eager customers. The popular demand and fascination with food and beverage science has led to a pioneer of uses, expanding to draft lattes, matcha, kombucha, craft beers, and other canned drinks.


Nitro Brew Coffee

Nitrogen produces a different type of carbonation than carbon dioxide. CO2 is 50 times more soluble in water than nitrogen, creating larger bubbles for extra fizziness. Nitrogen produces less aggressive bubbles for a finer taste.

Nitro brew coffee creates the illusion of a milk coffee without adding calories. However, baristas and beverage manufacturers are experimenting with nitro infused lattes for double the effect, holding the richness of a well-brewed batch.

Kombucha and Teas

In a sense, kombucha is already naturally carbonated. The fermentation produces acetic acid, and during the second round of fermentation activated sugars produce a natural gas. Nitrogen enhances effervescence to kombucha on the flatter side for a carbonated feel that is smooth rather than overbearing.

Matcha teas, black teas, and herbal teas can infuse nitro to mimic coffee for less caffeine. Single-use systems are even being sold to brew nitro tea at home, but canned nitro teas are becoming a trending item.

Craft Beers

Carbon dioxide is a common gas mixture when brewing beers, but nitrogen has been introduced to craft beer connoisseurs within the past several years. Nitrogen pushes oxygen out, changing the chemistry of the beverage. As oxidation is prevented, the beer’s compounds maintain a richer and fresher taste.


Nitrogen Infusion Systems and Delivery

Based on Rocky Mountain Air’s passion for delivering flawless dependability, we have a variety of gas delivery options depending on the quantity of use so that you can brew whatever kind of nitro beer, tea, or coffee you want. Contact your local RMA branch today to speak to one of our representatives about customizing your nitrogen gas delivery for your nitrogen beverage applications today. We look forward to serving you!

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