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Uses For Single-Use Compressed Gas Cartridges

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Bulk tanks and high-pressure cylinders are great for industries that require large quantities of gases, but they aren’t the most effective solution for every application. Did you know that there are compressed gas containers available that can fit in the palm of your hand? This innovation ensures that for small tasks requiring atmospheric gases, you are not using any more than you absolutely need. They are convenient, cost-effective, easy to transport and store, disposable and recyclable, safer, and reduce the risk of contaminants.

Compressed gas cartridges are made out of either aluminum or 100% recyclable steel and cannot be refilled. All cartridges are sealed and are activated by puncturing the tip, which must be correctly installed so that just a limited amount of gas escapes. Most commonly available in sizes of 8, 16, and 23.5 grams, these pint-sized gas cartridges offer efficient solutions for single-use applications. Here are a few of the industries currently taking advantage of single-use compressed gas cartridges of Argon, Nitrogen, Nitrous Oxide, and Carbon Dioxide.


The Medical Industry

The medical industry encompasses many uses for single-use gases. Pill-shaped cartridges currently have several valuable applications within the medical industry, and many more innovative uses are being explored. Disposable gas cartridges are ideal for this industry in particular because they are efficient and sanitary. Since the gases are sealed within the compartment, there is no opportunity for contaminants to enter.

The most common type of gas being used in this field is Liquid Nitrogen. Liquid Nitrogen cartridges can be used in Cryotherapy and Cryosurgery in place of large cryoguns. Instead, the disposable compressed gas can be attached to smaller instruments for more precise treatments. These applications cover a variety of minor procedures performed by the following medical professionals:

– Dermatologists

– General Practitioners

– Gynecologists

– Pediatricians

– Plastic Surgeons

– Podiatrists

– Urologists

– Veterinarians

The cartridges can be attached to the end of a Cryoprobe or Cryopen – which looks exactly how it sounds – with the cartridge screwing on to the end as if it were the ink inside of a pen. Once punctured, each cartridge size releases a quick stream of gas lasting between 100 and 300 seconds. For small plantar warts or skin lesions, it usually takes up to 45 seconds of direct contact with the Liquid Nitrogen to freeze.

Although this is the most common use, there are even more fascinating plans for single-use gases and even smaller cartridges too! Rumor has it, finger nail sized cartridges of Liquid Nitrogen are being developed to use for optimum precision in eye surgeries. So, technology continues to evolve gas applications within the medical field.


Recreational Sports

Cartridges of Carbon Dioxide have been utilized in the realm of recreational sports for paintballing and by cyclists for a while now. CO2 cartridges could very well replace pumps for all kinds of sports equipment, whether it be refilling bicycle tires or basketballs.

Using CO2 cartridges, flat bicycle tires can be inflated within seconds. The cartridge screws onto a separate inflator piece, is attached to the tire nozzle and voila – no more flat tire! Once the cartridge is punctured, the CO2 is rapidly released, so it is essential that the cartridge is installed onto the inflator correctly the first time. Since it is a single-use device, once the compressed gas has been released, there’s no going back.

Paintball guns implement either CO2 or compressed air cartridges by screwing them onto the gun itself. They must be twisted on quickly or else some of the CO2 will leak out, giving less force to work with. The pressurized gas cartridge is what propels the ammunition forward to perform swift and precise shots. The good news also is that since cartridges are so small and lightweight, replacements are easy to carry for when the gas runs out.

Not only can you use gas cartridges for recreational sports, but they can also become a household staple for recreational cooking and home-brewing. 


Food & Beverage

Continuing with the theme of every day uses for single-use gases, one of the beverage appliances that may come to mind is the SodaStream (homemade sparkling water). However, these infomercial appliances require much larger canisters of CO2, which can get quite expensive. Compressed gas cartridges require less storage space, are less wasteful, and less expensive. Using these convenient tools in the kitchen can be a fun way to show off your culinary skills when making desserts, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Using Nitrous Oxide, you can have homemade whipped cream in a minute or less! Begin by pouring heavy cream into a whipped cream dispenser. Once the cartridge is screwed onto the port, the gas from the charger is released into the dispenser. Give the dispenser a good shake, pull the nozzle and the pressurized gas will turn the heavy cream into fluffy whipped cream!

CO2 and Nitrogen cartridges are ideal for easy home-brewed beer and nitro brew coffee. There’s no need to fool with tanks and regulators when using these food-grade gas cartridges. With the appropriate connectors, you can easily carbonate bottles of beer or cold brew coffee with CO2 or Nitrogen. Nitro brew coffee can be made in siphons that look almost identical to whipped cream dispensers, utilizing Nitrogen instead of Nitrous Oxide. Nitrogen is used instead because the bubbles are smaller than Nitrous Oxide, which is what makes the whipped cream so fluffy. In the end, Nitro beer, Nitro coffee, or even cocktails made using these cartridges, will be fresh, great tasting and have a smooth mouthfeel.

Compressed gas cartridges are also ideal for preserving opened bottles of wine with either Nitrogen or Argon. Contraptions that look similar to high-end wine openers are available online that come with compatible cartridges. With these tricks up your sleeve, you’ll surely impress any guests the next time you host people in your home.


Quick Tips

Since these gas cartridges are heavily pressurized, they should be stored in a cool, dark place away from heat and sunlight. It should also be noted that the contents are usually very cold, so it is suggested that you use gloves or a towel to cover your hands. When using single-use gases recreationally, in the kitchen or on the road, be safe and have fun.


Working Behind the Scenes

As a reputable gas supplier in the Rocky Mountain region, Rocky Mountain Air Solutions partners with the distributors of single-use compressed gas cartridges. Though we do not sell them per se, we are the ones working behind the scenes to supply these companies with high purity gases to fill these convenient cartridges for their variety of applications. By providing flawless dependability to our customers, they can ensure that they are filling their products with the highest quality gases for their customers.

If you have any questions regarding single-use compressed gases, their uses, or safety tips, or if you are a distributor of these appliances in need of a gas supplier, please contact your local Rocky Mountain Air branch today in any one of our five states (Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska). We look forward to serving you.

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